Dr. Adler-Tapia is available for consultation for Basic Training in EMDR, EMDRIA Certification, and for EMDR Approved Consultant in Training. She provides individual and group consultations via SKYPE, telephone, and email. Since each therapist is unique, please contact Dr. Adler-Tapia to discuss your consultation needs. in addition, she provides consultation for child welfare issues, law enforcement, with forensic cases including child counseling in complicated divorce situations, and assessment and treatment for wrongful death and injury cases.

There are different types of consultation between professionals as discussed below…

Consultation can be provided in individual and/or group format in person, or via phone, facetime or GoToMeeting (at our expense).


Dr. Adler-Tapia provides case consultation for therapists with questions about working with clients. Case consultation also referred to as peer consultation. Licensed professionals are encouraged to consult as part of ethical practice.


Dr. Adler-Tapia provides consultation for Basic Training in EMDR Therapy for individuals trained by EMDR Consulting ( and for other EMDRIA Approved Basic Training Providers. It is the Trainee’s responsibility to confirm with the Training Provider if the Provider will accept consultation for Basic Training from Dr. Adler-Tapia. Each EMDRIA Approved Basic Training Provider determines who they will accept to provide the consultation for basic training needed to complete a basic training in EMDR Therapy course of study.


Dr. Adler-Tapia is an EMDRIA Certified Therapy and EMDRIA Approved Consultant. As such she is credentialed to provide the consultation required to apply to EMDRIA as an EMDRIA Certified Therapist and/or EMDRIA Approved Consultant. EMDRIA sets the standards for these credentials and Therapists seeking consultation are encouraged to peruse the EMDRIA website at

Dr. Adler-Tapia is happy to provide a contract that details the process of obtaining consultation for EMDRIA Certification and Approved Consultant.

Make a Payment

If you need to make a consultation payment, please follow the link below.