Dr. Robbie Adler-Tapia

National Registered Health Psychologist
EMDR Consulting Trainer
EMDR Trauma Recovery – HAP Trainer
EMDRIA Approved Consultant/Certified Therapist
Tapia Counseling and Psychological Services, LLC
dr robbie

Dr. Adler-Tapia is a licensed psychologist who has worked with individuals impacted by trauma for more than 30 years. Dr. Adler-Tapia’s work as a psychologist, educator, researcher and writer has taken place in community mental health and child welfare settings. As the Clinical Director at Childhelp’s Children’s Center, she worked with an interdisciplinary team at a national non-profit center for children who are victims of crime with services funded by VOCA. Robbie has published on EMDR Therapy with Children: Adler-Tapia, R.L. & Settle, C.S. (2008). EMDR and the art of psychotherapy with children. N.Y.: Springer Publishing; and, Adler-Tapia, R.L. (June 2012). Child psychotherapy: Integrating developmental theory into clinical practice. N.Y.: Springer Publishing, along chapters and journal articles.

Currently in private practice she provides counseling, consultation and psychological services for children and families referred by child welfare, law enforcement and the legal system. She works with law enforcement professionals and firefighters both locally and nationally as a presenter for the National Fallen Firefighters’ Foundation’s Taking Care of Our Own Program. She is the Mental Health Consultant to PISTLE (Post Incident Stress and Trauma in Law Enforcement) a Peer Support Program for Law Enforcement Professionals. In a forensic role, Dr. Adler-Tapia has served as an expert witness in the Juvenile, Family, and Criminal Courts.

Dr. Adler-Tapia has published on mental health services for public safety: Adler-Tapia (2013). Early Mental Health Intervention for First Responders/Protective Service Workers Including Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services Professionals. In M. Luber, (Ed), Implementing EMDR Early Mental Health Interventions for Man-Made and Natural Disasters: Models, Scripted Protocols and Summary Sheets. Springer, New York, N.Y. Her workshops include: “Haunted: EMDR Psychotherapy for First Responders and Protective Services Personnel,” and, “The Trauma After the Trauma: Betrayal Trauma Experienced by the Military and Public Safety.”