Become EMDRIA Certified in EMDR Therapy

Custom Group Consultation

What: Basic or advanced consultation by FaceTime or GoToMeeting (at our expense).

Note: Basic consultation hours do not count toward EMDRIA Certification. Advanced consultation hours can be counted toward EMDRIA Certification.

When: At the frequency and times you request.

Who: Clinicians who have completed an EMDRIA approved basic training in EMDR Therapy.

Fee: Set up a custom group with from two to four members and share the cost. See the custom group forms for details.

***If you request a telephone group conference call, each person is responsible for long distance telephone charges, if any, to a phone number in the United States. The GoToMeeting is free via the internet, but calling in the participant will incur long distance charges.

How: Select the Custom EMDRIA Group or Custom Advanced Group form.

Focus: See the descriptions in the Consultation pages.

Contact Dr. Robbie to discuss your questions and to schedule your initial group session.