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EMDR therapy during COVID19

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well, and weathering this storm.

I have been asked about EMDR therapy through telehealth processes.

EMDR therapy works well through telehealth processes under certain circumstances. First, here is a link to EMDRIA's response to EMDR therapy through telehealth. Of course there are jurisdictional issues regarding our licenses and of considerations based on continuation of trauma reprocessing based on the client's stability. Yet at this moment, client's need services and support more than ever.

Second, this has been my clinical case conceptualization on phased treatment with EMDR therapy for your consideration.

1. I have initially discussed the client's comfort level with the telehealth process and mastering the technology, and tried to answer any questions or concerns. (For some clients we may need additional consents documented).

2. Next, I have continued by assessing the client's current condition and functioning.

3. Then I have reviewed an AIP and COVID19 informed treatment plan and case conceptualization (Phase 1 of EMDR therapy).

4. The next step has been to consider Phase 2 of EMDR therapy. Phase 2 of EMDR therapy is of course about assessing the client's stabilization and considering what additional advanced resources they might need (no matter where we were in the client's previous in office treatment). I have found that client's need reassurance and resources for whatever they are dealing with in their unique COVID19 world.

5.Then case conceptualization with the client is to consider how we proceed with the trauma reprocessing phases given the client's current circumstances and symptoms.

6. If we do any of the trauma reprocessing phases (Phases 4-6) with clients, I make sure there is sufficient time for grounding, resourcing, and a plan for continued care.

7. Then of course there is closure for trauma reprocessing and the treatment session.

8. Finally, the session closes with a plan for what's next. What will the client do to use new resources for coping? And, scheduling our next session.

I hope my mini-overview helps with some considerations for your case conceptualization through an EMDR therapy lens. I look forward to responses from others.

Finally, just in case you haven't been inundated with resources, here are some I've found helpful.

Take good care,

Dr.. Robbie

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