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Resources for Children and Families Dealing with Trauma, Grief & Loss

The following are resources for children and families to help cope with traumatic grief and loss.  These are but a few links available, while professional support from licensed mental health providers may be necessary for some individuals.


  2. Apple has a Psychological First Aide App that's free….PFA Mobile…it's great because they can look at Stress Reactions for all age groups…great for everybody. 

  3. "When Terrible Things Happen" 

  4. Handouts for adults about children's reactions, how to talk to children about the trauma, and resources

  5. Psychological First Aide

  6. Psychological First Aide Survivor Handouts

  7. Tips for Talking With and Helping Children and Youth Cope After a Disaster or Traumatic Event - A GUIDE FOR PARENTS, CAREGIVERS, AND TEACHERS

  8. Helpful Hints for School Emergency Management: Psychological First Aid (PFA) for Students and Teachers: Listen, Protect, Connect – Model & Teach 

  9. Psychological First Aid for Teacher and Students

  10. After a Loved One Dies – how children grieve and how parents and other adults can support them

  11. School Crisis Guide: Help and Healing in a Time of Crisis  

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