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Symptom Consideration for Employers/Employees/Colleagues


  • Is individual coming late, leaving early, missing days/taking days off?  

  • Having difficulty focusing?  

  • Is work performance, quality, or speed suffering?  

  • Is individual unable to perform tasks?

  • Have emotions been erupting at work (e.g. anger outbursts, crying, or snapping at coworkers)?  

  • Is individual having issues with coworkers?  Is the individual's job in jeopardy?

  • Is this individual having trouble keeping jobs, or having difficulty looking for work?


  • Has school attendance, performance, work quality, or grades been affected?  

  • Is individual meeting deadlines? 

  • Has anyone at school noticed a change in individual's behavior?  

  • Have there been inappropriate behaviors/emotions in the classroom/workplace?


  • Is individual skipping meals, binging, or eating in an unhealthy manner?  

  • Has anyone noticed weight loss or gain?  

  • Is individual getting out of bed, taking a shower, and getting dressed as often as before?  

  • Has individual stopped brushing hair or wearing makeup, or doing other usual self-care rituals (ex. exercise, therapy, meditation)?

Life Tasks: 

  • Is individual having trouble managing finances and paying bills? 

  • Driving?

  • Maintaining home (e.g. cleaning, laundry, dishes, shopping, and meal preparation)?  

  • Is the individual managing mail, phone and email?  

  • Is the individual filling medications, and taking as directed? 

Primary relationships:  

  • Are relationships with parents, children, and partner affected?  

  • Is individual more irritable/impatient with them?  Is individual engaging less with family?  

  • Is individual unable to perform usual responsibilities, so others must take these on? 


  • Have friendships been affected?  Has the individual become withdrawn, or more dependent?  

  • Does the individual have few friends, perhaps due to mental health issues?  

  • Has the individual stopped attending social, community, or religious activities?  

  • If dating, has this been affected?  


  • Has health been affected -- ex. pain, headaches, stomach issues, tension-related body aches?  

  • Is anxiety or denial causing individual to avoid seeking medical help, or to not follow doctors' recommendations? 


  • How many hours of sleep is individual averaging?  Document frequency of hypersomnia as well as difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, nightmares, and daytime drowsiness.  

  • Is individual falling asleep at work?  


  • Is individual engaging in self-destructive financial behavior, such as compulsive buying,

  • overspending, or pathological gambling?  

  • Is the individual paying their bills or are they struggling financially with increased debt?

Substance use:  

  • Has there been an increase in the individual's use of cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs, perhaps related to mental health issues?  

  • Has individual had negative consequences, or are others worried about his/her use?  

  • Is individual taking prescriptions in any way other than prescribed?  Has the individual incurred driving tickets from substances and/or speeding issues?


  • Is the individual more irritable or sad?

  • Is the individual withdrawing from others?

  • Is the individual avoiding specific calls or struggling more specific calls? Is the individual volunteering more for high risk calls?

Suicidal ideation/thoughts/statements:

  • Is the individual joking about self-harm or being worth more dead than alive?

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