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Telehealth EMDR therapy for Children

Since most therapists are trying to do everything through telehealth platforms during the COVID19 period, this is a great time to use "My EMDR Workbook." Here's what you might want to consider for any age client, but especially when working with littles.

1. If you don't already have it, you can purchase this workbook from our store. We made it affordable so you only have to purchase it one time

2. Download your copy in a PDF format and then send a copy via email to the adults in the life of your young clients.

3. Through whatever telehealth format you use, you can coach the adults as collaterals for the kids to print out the pages of the workbook.

4. Ask the adults to bring the child, the workbook pages, and art supplies in front of the screen for your session.

5. Using your most energetic voice, walk the child through the steps of the workbook. Adults as collaterals can be the "Assistants" to the child.

6. Use all your great creativity and tone of voice to work with the child. You can say things like: "Show me your workbook. Let's put your name on it. Wow what a great job you're doing." "Now let's turn the page. Will you put your finger on a word and we can read it together?" Then read the page with the child and talk about it. "Would you like to color that page? Or, do you want to use finger paints or stickers on that page?"

7. This can be a great way to help children and families get through this COVID19 quarantine time.

8. Let me know how it goes.

You've got this!!

Dr. Robbie

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