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Welcome to my new blog! I hope this is the beginning of a great learning process for all of us as we maneuver the adventures of life. I have chosen to start a blog to share information about my work and the amazing individuals with whom I have the opportunity to meet. The longer I practice as a psychologist the more I realize how much I have yet to learn. And, I typically learn the most from my clients with whom I have the honor to work - especially children. I also enjoy the company of many brilliant and compassionate professionals both within the mental health community and other professions including emergency responders and public safety professionals. Even though I will never share any confidential information, posts will include descriptions of what I have learned from the experience of being a psychologist, woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. The posts that review clinical practice and literature are designed to provide information that may benefit you in your life. The blogs may challenge you to learn, or question your life, or experience many different emotions. Ultimately, the goal is to share what I've learned to help you in fulfilling your life goals and finding peace and happiness. If you are triggered, please find a mental health professional to assist you in your journey. Namaste!

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Laura Gren
Laura Gren
Sep 20, 2021

Great post thankkyou

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