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Why not?

"Why not?" has been my life mantra! Why not get a Ph.D. when I was told "Girls don't go to college!" Why not have children? When I was told, "You will never carry a baby to full term!" Why not write a book? When I was told that, "You will need to hire a professional writer, if you want to publish a book." I have said "why not?" so many times, that a dear friend gave me note pads that are inscribed with "Why not?"

In my half a century of life, I have encountered many obstacles that at first appeared insurmountable. Maybe I'm just stubborn!?! Yes, I am absolutely stubborn! There are so many things in life worth fighting for and supporting because it's the right thing to do! My career is about fighting for children and families and helping people pursue happy healthy lives. So today when my teen daughter was watching a new MTV show called, "The Buried Life," I was intrigued and delighted! After all the shows about what young people do wrong, here is a group of four young men committed to helping the world. I'm so pleased that MTV is airing something I would encourage everyone to watch! These young men show vitality for life and commitment to improving the lives of others - one person at a time! Congratulations to them for doing something that doesn't usually get noticed or make the news - people doing good in the world. Everywhere you look - the news, media, environment, it is easy to get saddened by the horrors in the world! It is much harder to find the good in the world! Hoorah for MTV in showing young people with great hearts!

I have been blessed with a wonderful family and three children of whom I am very proud! I continue to be challenged by my list of, "Why nots?"

So if you're reading this, I hope that you will check out "The Buried Life" at especially if you need something to brighten your day and maybe even make you chuckle! Yes there a few bleeps from the mouths of young men, but these are young men who are shining examples of the good in people!!

What's on your list of "Why nots?"

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