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Gifted and Talented Adventures in Living

Gifted and talented individuals often struggle with anxiety and depression, social and emotional issues, sensory integration difficulties, learning disabilities, educational and behavioral issues, parenting, and other issues of living. Being a gifted individual does not end after high school, but continues to manifest in adult employment, partnerships, and parenting.  Individuals, educators, parents, medical and mental health professionals, and the community at large needs to understand the differences in intensity, processing speed, perception, and interpretation of gifted and talented individuals on personal and professional levels. It is important that the unique needs of gifted individuals be identified and addressed appropriately instead of pathologizing symptoms of giftedness.  Just because individuals are different does not mean he/she has mental health or clinical issues.  Every mental health professional needs to consider symptoms from this theoretical perspective BEFORE interpreting these as pathology. Please make sure you are educated about the adventures of living for gifted and talented individuals.

There are many resources including:

  • The Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted:

  • Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented:

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